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The League Review 2022

The League Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 140 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • High-quality matches
  • Quality customer service
  • Mobile application
  • Only vetted profiles
  • Rigorous registration process
  • Expensive subscription plans
  • A limited number of daily matches
  • Very slow & mystical approval process

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Finding a partner can be very difficult, especially for the overly ambitious few. This is the problem The League was designed to deal with.

The League is a dating site designed to serve society’s “elite.” Its services are available to those who are found to be the most eligible persons by the site’s operators after going through a rigorous approval process. With The League, the society’s creme de la creme now has a safe dating space. They can easily find partners with matching career enthusiasm, life philosophy, and social status.

We know you already have questions racing through your mind. What are The League’s registration criteria? How do they verify the truth or falsity of user claims? Is The League free?

Worry no further. We have taken an in-depth surgery of The League and answered all your possible questions in this review. Enjoy.

What Is The League?

After alleged series of frustrations from her personal dating experience, Amanda Bradford created The League in 2015. The site’s algorithm is designed to sieve out the high-achieving applicants through a detailed registration and application process.

The League aims to serve the wealthier, professionally successful, and photogenic part of America’s population with the same status quo partners.

How Does The League work?

How Does The League work?

Users will be required to register with either their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. These accounts will be used to set your profile’s authenticity and verify your already provided personal information. For the registration process, you will be required to provide basic questions like your name, phone number, email address, height, ethnicity, profession, educational background, and location. There is also an “About Me” Section that plays a central role in the approval process.

The League has attractiveness, professional achievements, and social vibes as it’s guidelines during the approval process. This process could span days, weeks, or months. There are, however, unique ways to by-pass the long approval process. First off, you could purchase any of the membership plans to show that you are enthusiastic about being a member of the site. Also, if you were to refer any of your friends to The League, your application moves up the wait-list.

Note, however, that payment of any of the subscription rates is not refundable, and it also does not guarantee your application’s approval.

The League, unlike other dating sites, assigns a real-life representative to each potential user upon registration. The representative, also known as “The Concierge,” is assigned to you to help you answer questions regarding the app and the site in general.

Once you have been approved, you become a verified user of The League. You will consequently be provided with a list of three to fifteen high-quality matches daily. The number of matches you get, however, depends on your preferred subscription plan. You can communicate with these high-quality matches via the site’s messaging platforms or the Live Video Option.



Unlike other dating sites, The League’s registration process can seem a bit of a hassle. The site requires both personal and professional details of its users.

The site requires your name, phone number, email address, location, height, ethnicity, religion, family status, and age for the registration process. You will also be required to upload six pictures of yourself (preferably ones you face the camera). LinkedIn and Facebook account details will also be needed to verify your profile and upload your educational background. The site will also use your LinkedIn and Facebook account to filter the list of matches you are provided with (if your application is eventually approved). This is done mainly to avoid awkward run-ins from colleagues on the site.

After providing the necessary information, you will be left with an “About Me” section. This section requires you to describe yourself in not more than 140 characters. Your best bet at providing an amazing description is to optimize emoji. Make use of emoji that best describes your personality. Users with a complete profile, picture upload, and About Me section are usually taken a lot more seriously by The League. They consequently get earlier reviews than the rest with incomplete reviews.

There is also the option of including a 10-second video profile. While this seems like an awesome idea, describing yourself in just 10 seconds can go south if you don’t know how to go about it. So stick to the safer territory of writing.

Lastly, you will be required to set the criteria for your “Ideal Partner.” Know that The League is open to homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. However, once you set the gender of your “Ideal Partner,” you will not be provided with matches who qualify otherwise. The criteria for your “Ideal Partner” will include their gender, height, age range, education, religion, ethnicity, and distance.

Design And Usability

Design And Usability

The League has one of the coolest interfaces for an online dating site. The site’s landing page is filled with graphics that spell out the site’s aim. The designs are super attractive and non-discriminatory. It also has an easy-to-use interface and non-complex functions.

The League furnishes its users with a mobile application that is accessible by both Android and iOS users. There is also a real-life representative to answer app-related questions and provide you with the necessary tips to boost your dating experience.

Profile Quality

Amongst all its stellar characteristics, The League is known for its detailed user profiles. The site requires as much information as possible to verify your authenticity and provide your match with just the right information.

Your profile contains a picture of yourself, details you provided in the “About Me” Section, height, age, profession, interests, location, and educational background. There is also the option of syncing your social media accounts to your profile. Know that this is optional and can be done at your pleasure. When it comes to the League, you also get to know everything about your match upon viewing their profiles.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

Once you access the website and you click on the “Join the League” function, it directs you to either the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download the application. The mobile application with its Green, White, and Black themes is super accessible and easy-to-use. It has well descriptive multi-choice options, non-complex functions and has no running glitches as most dating sites do.

Safety & Security

Since it was designed to serve society’s successful professionals, The League protects both its users’ identity and information. All information provided manually and those generated from users’ LinkedIn and Facebook accounts are safe from the public’s prying eyes. There are, however, terms in The League’s privacy policy that allows the site to use your information for aggregate commercial purposes.

Though the site approves only vetted profiles, The League still urges its users to exercise caution. They are also encouraged to protect their on-site details and refrain from being overly personal with other users they feel not so comfortable with.



The League has one of the most expensive pricing policies in the dating industry. Though users can access the site for free as “Guests” with very limited features, the site offers three major upgrade options:

  • Member: This upgrade option costs $29 monthly and is to be paid in bulk annually.
  • Owner: Here, users are required to pay $83 monthly. The payment is also to be made in bulk annually.
  • Investor: This is the most expensive upgrade option. Here, users are to pay $999 monthly, and unlike other plans, you are allowed to pay monthly and not in bulk annually.

Though these plans seem to be quite expensive, proportionate value is gotten for whatever pricing policy you subscribe to. You can also enjoy The League’s features without subscribing to any of the pricing policies. All you have to do is purchase any of The League’s Tickets (which is usually sold in bundles)and optimize them on a carte du jour basis.

Help & Support

Help & Support

The League furnishes its users with the fastest and most reliable support team. If you have any issues or concerns regarding the mobile application, you can contact “The Concierge” assigned to you. You can also reach out to the site’s operators via any of these contact options:

Contact Page: contact@theleague.com

Or write to them at The League App, Inc.

55 Grace Street, San Francisco

CA 94103

The League’s operators are just a dial away. Once you table your concerns, you will be provided with the swiftest customer care response.



Is The League Safe?

The League is one of the safest online dating applications around. The site operators protect both manually provided personal information and those sourced from Facebook and LinkedIn accounts from the public. Users are, however, encouraged also to ensure safety on their end, as The League will not responsible for any loss they incur due to any recklessness on their part.

Is The League A Real Dating Site?

Yes, The League is a real dating site. Check it out here.

How To Use The League ?

Once you have provided the necessary information and account details, you wait for the approval process, which could take a while. Once you scale past the application process, you can then access the app’s functions. To fully optimize The League’s features, be constant on the site. Log in regularly, check out matches, communicate with other users once you get the Home Run Notification. Also, purchase tickets that can help you boost your profile and your League Score.

Is The League Free?

Well, upon approval, you can access The League for free as a “Guest.” However, the features available to unpaid users are quite limited. You only get to see three matches a day at the Happy Hour (5 pm). Unpaid users can also purchase The League tickets to boost their profile on a carte du jour basis.

Does The League Really Work?

Yes, The League works. All the site’s functions are readily accessible to users. The League is also reputed to have produced a lot of meaningful relationships and networks.



The League has since 2015, served as the brewing point for ambitious professionals of all fields, gender, and ethnicity. With The League, successful people can now find love without fear of encountering soulless gold diggers in the process. The possibility of being catfished is also eradicated as users have the option of live video chats with their high-quality matches.

If you are attractive and professionally successful with the right social vibes, The League is the place to be. Click here to get started.

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