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VietnamCupid Review 2022

VietnamCupid Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 30-35
Profiles 590 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Cupid Media has launched one dating site for Vietnamese singles too named VietnamCupid. It works for bringing together the Vietnamese singles who are the most compatible with each other. Though it is designed to keep Vietnamese people’s interests in mind, it is not exclusive about the member base. This dating site has a large member base as it caters to more than 800,000 users. 190,000 of its members are from the United States of America. The site mainly has a majority of male members, as the gender proportion says that the site has 65% males while only 35% of females are on it.

In this digital dating era, VietnamCupid is also doing its best to serve people better when it comes to dating. To understand the functioning and features of this dating website, read this latest review article in detail.

VietnamCupid Review

What is VietnamCupid

VietnamCupid is an online dating platform by Cupid media. As the name suggests, Vietnamese singles are finding their perfect match on it. It will work for any Vietnamese who is looking for a partner who shares the same cultural background.

It is not right to think the site caters only to the Vietnamese singles; there are people from other backgrounds. The Vietnamese women present on this site are quite interested in white men; therefore, white men have a good scope of finding the women of their dreams. VietnamCupid has fulfilled its goal for a long time now, and people are finding it satisfactory to provide the partner of their dreams.

What is VietnamCupid

How does it work

The working of the website to help people find a potential match follows these three steps:

  1. Profile creation: It starts with creating a profile on VietnamCupid. There is no rocket science in creating a profile; the user has to undergo an easy registration process. A photo has to be uploaded as well.
  2. Browsing Photos: Once the profile is created, the site is set to browse other photos. There are many preferences and settings on the website, which makes searching an easy and fun process.
  3. Initiate communication: After these two steps, making contacts with other members becomes feasible. A message or interest can be sent to other members so that further relations can be developed further.

These three simple steps are enough to describe the working of this Vietnamese dating website.


Becoming a registered member of VietnamCupid is not a big deal. It can be done for free by anyone from anywhere. The only condition is he/she must be above 18 years of age. The process is just two steps long. An input of any random email address is required for the first step. The second step is about setting a password.

It allows the would-be users to register to it by using their Facebook account. People prefer to sign-up using a Facebook account for two reasons:

  • Signing-up via Facebook takes less time than registering via email address.
  • There is nothing to worry that anything will show up on their Facebook page.

It is recommended that the profiles must be made detailed and elaborated with all basic information of the user. It will enhance the chances of a profile to get noticed.


Design and Usability

The layout of the website is basic and straightforward. The location of all features is predictable. The typography involved in the text of the website is also simple and understandable. The background is dominated by white color, followed by some green and light grey depositions.

The website’s usability is also very easy, as using all the features and navigation of the website doesn’t require much effort. The website is different from other regular dating websites as undesirable ads or graphic designs do not pop up while browsing the website. This feature is also an attraction point for the users as its users never feel lost or distracted.

The website can be better understood when its features are described. It is better to start with special features that are available on VietnamCupid only. It includes:

  1. Message Filter: This exclusive feature saves your time from receiving unwanted messages. You can filter on those messages that you don’t want to receive, and these filtered messages spontaneously are sent to the filtered folder.
  2. CupidTag: This is used to add specific words to the profile that can describe the user and his/her interests. The benefit of this feature is it enhances the chance of the profiles to get more attention. If any of these words are typed on the search bar, then the related profile will be displayed as a search result.

Some free and paid features help in communicating and developing a relationship further.

Design and Usability

Profile Quality

All the profiles are quite detailed. The information available on the website can be translated either into English or Vietnamese to make it easily understandable. Visiting any profile can be checked whether the member is online or not and the time of their last activity. This way, the user’s activeness on the website can be analyzed and serves as a great help in deciding whether to establish the contact further or not.

Profile creation on VietnamCupid requires access to some basic information. These include employment and income status, home type, living situation, and the profile owner’s English and Vietnamese language ability.

The profile completion is not a mandatory task, so not all the profiles are detailed. The members can anytime edit or update the already fed information.

Profile Quality

The Mobile Application

VietnamCupid can also be used as a mobile application. All Android users can download the app from Google Play Store. Windows and Apple users cannot have access to the mobile application. The fan following of the mobile application can be estimated through the number of installments present on Google Play Store, i.e., 50,000+ installs. The mobile application can be used anywhere; that’s why many people prefer mobile applications over the desktop version website.

The Mobile Application

Safety & Security

There is never a guarantee of security whenever it comes to online dating. VietnamCupid is a safe platform for dating only if the user knows how to protect him/her from scam users. It is important to keep basic online dating guidelines in mind, like how much information is fine to be shared with strangers.

There is a downfall of this dating website that allows registration via a random email address. Therefore, it lacks a proper verification procedure. Therefore there is a high possibility of the presence of fake accounts. So it is required to be a little alert before trusting any member.

If any legit user finds any suspicious account, then he/she should block such users from contacting them. To block someone, visit their messages and find the “Block User” button. Click it, and that member would be forbidden from contacting you. Such profiles can be reported as well to the assistance team. For this, visit their profile and click on the “Report Abuse” button. Now the authentic user can get back to having a pleasurable dating experience.

Safety & Security


To get all the features of VietnamCupid and its benefits, an upgrade to premium plans is required. There are two types of premium memberships that can be subscribed to. These are mentioned below with their price and duration.

Gold Membership: In the Gold membership, three plans vary in their validity and pricing.

  • One month: It holds a price of 31.98 USD / Month.
  • Three months: The three-month plan can be subscribed at 21.33 USD / Month. Its overall price is 63.99 USD.
  • Twelve months: The 12 months plan’s cost is 10.67 USD / Month, which makes it a deal of 127.98 USD.

Platinum membership: Another paid subscription is platinum membership. It also has three different durational deals. These are as follows:

  • One month: For a month plan, an investment of 36.99 USD / Month is required.
  • Three months: By spending 24.66 USD/ Month, the three months subscription can be bought. The total amount required would be 73.98 USD.
  • Twelve months: The amount required for the 12 months plan is 3.08 USD / Month, i.e., a total of 36.99 USD.

There are various modes of payments for being a premium member of VietnamCupid.

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard
  • Bank Transfer

All these methods make it easier for people to pay for premium plans. Though the premium plans on VietnamCupid are affordable, they are still not very cheap; they lie in the above-average category.


Help & Support

The support system of this Vietnamese dating website is superb. They are always there to help all of their members and try to solve all their queries. Their contact details include an email address, i.e., team@cupidmedia.com. They can be contacted via Phone-Hotline on +61 7 5571 1181.

All the members, irrespective of their membership, can get the best support in case of any doubts or complaints.


Some frequently asked questions which generally pop-up in one’s mind about VietnamCupid are given in this section:

Is VietnamCupid Safe?

Dating on VietnamCupid is completely safe till the user knows what amount of information should be broadcasted on the public domain.

Is VietnamCupid a Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is a real dating site. The official website has mentioned many successful love stories. People are using it daily. For having a dating experience, over 50,000 users have downloaded the application so far. This proves that it works to find a date or companion VietnamCupid.

Is VietnamCupid a real dating site?

How to Use VietnamCupid ?

Using VietnamCupid is similar to any other dating website. It is easy and requires no pre-learning. As soon as you become a registered member and navigate the website, it becomes clear that finding any feature on it is very simple and intuitive.

Is VietnamCupid Free?

Many features of VietnamCupid are available to be used for free. The premium membership is also there for those who want to use the dating site with more advanced features.

Is VietnamCupid Really Works?

Yes, it is a legit dating website. There are so many successful love stories mentioned on its home page. They prove that it has made many couples fall in love, and people are using it to have dating experiences.


Overall, VietnamCupid is a great dating website that works for Vietnamese singles to change their relationship status. Vietnamese people generally find this website useful for dating experience because they generally find someone who shares the same cultural background and values. With VietnamCupid, their chances of finding such a match increase easily. Besides Vietnamese, there are lots of profiles that belong to people from different places. Therefore the services are not limited to Vietnamese. There is an uneven distribution between male and female members as men dominate this site.

The website offers a lot of free as well as fee-based services that can enhance the dating experience. The website’s usability is very basic and can be used without any tutorial. Everything is organized in an arranged manner. VietnamCupid also offers a mobile-friendly application that people prefer to download to have a dating experience without turning to their laptops.

Its long time on the web has served many singles and earned a reputation among similar dating websites. The already registered members are very much satisfied with the services. All in all, if you are seeking a partner to either marry or date, then register yourself on VietnamCupid today.

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